What is MSM
<center>What is MSM???<center>

What is MSM???


Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

What is it?

MSM is organic Sulfur-easily absorbed and used by the body. Sulfur
is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the body (about 140g). It is found
naturally in every cell of every animal and plant, in food; (most abundant in
eggs and red peppers, but can also be found in significant quantities in
grains, legumes, animal proteins, onions, garlic, asparagus, cabbage, brussels
sprouts, and broccoli). The problem is that MSM is very water soluble and is
lost in washing, cooking, or steaming. Modern food processing, packaging,
storage and preparation has robbed our food of the Sulfur we need to keep our
cells healthy.

Dr. Stanley Jacob at the Oregon Health and Sciences University,
discovered that heating dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), caused it to crystallize,
isolating 99.9% of the beneficial compound MSM. MSM is a pure, natural,
stable, white, odourless crystalline powder without the bad odour problem of
DMSO. It does not produce intestinal gas or body odour that may occur with
other forms of Sulfur. MSM is not a drug or medicine, and is unrelated to
Sulfa drugs, to which some people have an allergy.

Why do we need it?

Some people are Sulfur deficient unless they eat fish, meat and
vegetables fresh and raw. MSM is present in most very fresh green plants (but
not in processed foods) and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains in
small amounts and is destroyed with dehydration, heat and storage. Just think
about it - Our food today is not picked out of the garden and eaten the same
day as it was hundreds of years ago. It is picked under ripe, stored, cooled
or frozen, waxed, gassed, sprayed, irradiated, possible genetically modified,
then when it goes to the shop it is possibly not purchased on that day so even
“fresh” fruit and vegetables are probably a few days to a week old by the time
we get them. In addition to this, our soils here in Australia (and the rest of
the world) are deficient in minerals. The poor farmer cannot put all of them
back, he mostly puts NKP on the ground for the plants to grow. The trouble is
that plants only need a few minerals to grow, but humans who eat the plant
foods need over 60 minerals to be healthy. If the minerals are in the soil the
plants take them up and we can get them from the plants we eat. If the
minerals are not there in the soil the plants are OK but we are sadly lacking
the vital elements we need to obtain and maintain optimum health.

Vitamin C

We strongly advise that Vitamin C be taken
with MSM for greater benefit. The best type to take is a low acid one with
bioflavonoid. The amount to take is about 2000-4000mg per day. It will not
cause tummy rumbles if your body needs it, only if you don’t need it, then you
cut back. People who have the start of a health challenge such as colds or flu
take Vit C at the onset and can tolerate 20,000mg for a few days. They then do
not develop the full blown infection. (You have to catch it early enough) Do
not take all the Vit C at once, space it out through the day. If you have
Arthritis you might want to go with a low acid formula such as ascorbic acid
with Calcium Ascorbate powder as it is less acidic, and you may like
bioflavonoids with it as well because Vit C does not occur in nature without
bioflavonoids. Like MSM, Vitamin C is a great free radical scavenger. Free
radicals damage our cells if there are no scavengers available to clean them

Safer than Salt!

Dr. Jacob reports he personally takes 30
grams MSM per day, and has done so for 20 years. He reports he has not had a
cold or flu, which he had previously experienced once or twice every year,
since he began this regimen. MSM has been likened to pure drinking water for
toxicity – i.e. – none!
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