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The hCG diet is a rather radical way of getting rid of them unwanted inches from all the places you dont want them.
Its Fast, Safe and surprisingly cost effective.
Going on the hCG diet used to mean going to a retreat to be monitored at least once a day while eating only what was prepared for you.
Sure, sounds like fun, but it was soo expensive that only the rich and famous could afford it.
Now, with the advent of the Homeopathic version (plant derived homeopathic), anybody can use it safely anywhere.
Its no longer for the exclusive use of the wealthy, and the food you can eat can all be found at any Fruit and Veggie shop.

NOTE: This is not your average diet.
This diet is designed to obtain extreme results.  Therefore, it stands to reason its going to take extreme measures.  But dont be put off, they may be extreme measures, but they are still pretty easy.
More Details about the hCG diet.

hCG and You!  hCG is a hormone that causes the body to liberate large amounts of fat from locked away and difficult to move places (predominately belly, thighs, love handles, neck, etc) and in doing so, reshape your body. 

As indicated above, it used to be administered only by a doctor because it was the actual hormone, and when you add hormones into the body, sometimes strange things can happen and the body systems can go off the rails.  So people who wished to take advantage of hCG's phenomenal weight loss abilities had to be monitored by a trained physician.

A few years ago, a homeopathic equivalent was devised.  This has all the benefits, with non of the hormone unbalancing (off the rails) risks.  This opened up the diet for anyone and everyone.  It was no longer only for the rich.  $50 (plus postage) is all it costs for the homeopathic hCG and what you have to eat is quite a lot cheaper than what you eat now!  So not even any expensive meal plans you have to follow like you do with so many other diets.  

The diet consists of taking the spray 3 times a day, 2 sprays under the tongue each time.  Also a restricted but balanced small meal 3 times a day.  One of the best things about this diet is, even though you are only eating a small amount, the hCG spray takes away your hunger!  So the small portion sizes are not a problem and dont leave you feeling hungry.
Guys:  You can expect to loose up to 1Kg per day, SAFELY without feeling hungry!

Girls:  You can expect to loose up to 2/3Kg per day, SAFELY again without feeling hungry!
Yes Girls, I know what your thinking, "Thats not fair"!  Truth is, I didnt write the rules here, this is just the way it happens (typically).  Its also true of most diets, Males tend to loose more weight than females when it comes to dieting.

You can download the same information that comes with every bottle here (The Skinny Doc) and here (The Rundown Doc).
The two above downloads consist of enough information to make the diet work, designed to be read by the layman (non-medical expert).  Its put simply without you getting bogged down in the technical "human-biology" stuff that requires you to lookup almost every second word.Here are also some more docs that go into more detail that you may with to look at, including a Excel sheet that will help with keeping track of your meal as well as a meal planner.
If on the other hand you want more detailed information, then here are a few links to hCG pages that go into varying degrees of depth.
links to go here. (will be filled out shortly)
One of the difficult things that needs to go on the hCG diet is sugar.  If you are dependant on sugar in your tea or coffee (both allowed on the diet) then I have included some natural healthy sugar replacements below.  This version of Liquid Stevia is unusual as it has no aftertaste (a common complain with a lot of sugar substitutes).  Stevia is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar so you only need a few drops to sweeten you tea of coffee.  Stevia can be used anywhere where you would normally use sugar to sweeten a food.  it cant however be used to raise bread or doe.  Its not a sugar, it just happens to taste very sweet.  Same goes for Zylitol, but thats a 1:1 sweetness strength with sugar (1 teaspoon of Xylitol = 1 teaspoon of sugar for sweetness). 
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hCG Products

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