Calm Cream PE - 100gm
Calm Cream PE - 100gm
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Contents: Ultra Purified Water + MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) Extract of Curcuma Longa + Pterocarpus Santalinus + Rubia Cordifolia + Azadiruchia Indica + Acacia Catechu + Cacsalpinia Sappan + Cassia Tora + Sesame oil + Almond Oil + Coconut Oil + Proprietary Ayurvedic Tincture. 
With the penetrant power of MSM in the cream the vitamins and herbal extracts are taken deep into and though the skin. 
MSM is also a great detoxifier. 
The skin is the largest area of the body and it is the first defence for the body. By applying something on the skin which 'nourishes' the immune system cells you are improving the health not only of the skin but also of your body. MSM Calm Cream can be used as a beauty cream and can improve the skin quality and reduce lines and wrinkles. It also helps with troubled skin because it calms and soothes. You can be sure that when you use MSM Calm Cream it will greatly improve the health of your skin.
No Scents are added to this one so that there can be no possible sensitivity or allergic reaction to one of the possible essential oil scents.
In short, this is the non-allogenic version of our MSM Calm Cream.
Calm Cream PE is specifically formulated to help with Psoriasis and Eczema.

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