Natural Soap - French Clay + Line + Lemongrass + Cedarwood
Soaps made from all natural ingrediences such as coconut, olive, palm oils and 100% essential oils. 12 different scents and or combinations to choice from.
French clay contains 58% silica which is a mineral found in skin and hair, making it very soothing to skin. This soap is excellent for shaving as it helps to prevent cuts and rashes (comments from our customers). Cedarwood has a long history of use. The aromatic timber was used in building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Egyptians used the resin for embalming. Today it is used to treat bronchial conditions and as a natural insecticide. Lemongrass oil was used in traditional Indian medicines to treat infections and fever. Today it is used in deodorants and skin toners. Lime oil is most beneficial for greasy skin types, helping to control acne and to refine pores.

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