The 4 Thieves Essential Oil Blend
The 4 Thieves Essential Oil Blend:
A lot of people have heard of the product "Thieves" through Young Living (MLM) or though another MLM company who call it "OnGuard".
Essentially it a mix of 5 essential oils that produce an extremely strong Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral formula.
Anti-Viral.  Isn't that just what we need right now with the corona virus breathing down our proverbial necks?
OK, so we can get this from Young Living (Thieves @ $76.7 per 15ml bottle) or through Dotera (OnGuard @ about the same price).
Why so expensive?
Both Young Living and Dotera would have you believe its because the oils are expensive and only the best on the market.  That may be true, but most (probably 80% or more) of the money goes into the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) aspect of the businesses.  You pay the person you buy it from a huge commission, plus the person who recruited them gets another cut, and the person who recruited them, and so on up the line of sales and recruiting people.
So, can we get thieves without going through an MLM and paying through the nose for it?  Yes.
We have managed to source the oils and blend them into the "Thieves" formula and we can supply this to you at $50 for a 50ml bottle of the stuff instead of $76.70 for 15ml
Thats just over 5 times the price (YL and Dotera are over 5 times more expensive per 1ml, or we are about 30% cheaper and you get about 3.3 times the quantity).
Due to possible copyright infringements, we are calling our product "The 4 Thieves Essential Oil Blend", named after the 4 thieves that discovered it in England during the black plague (interesting story by itself).
Please note:  I am not in any way knocking Young Livings or Doteras products.  They are great.  They are also prohibitively expensive.

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